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第3回≪Multilingual Nature Camp≫ 参加者募集開始!

(2017年 4月 26日)


第3回≪Multilingual Nature Camp≫が開催されます!
初めて出会うグループの仲間と仲良くなり、楽しむ方法を見つけるのは参加者ひとりひとり!~自分で考える!自分で見つける!みんなで楽しむ!~ Enjoy Multilingual Adventure!!

Multilingual Nature Camp in Madarao, Iiyama, Nagano, Japan
This is a transnational exchange program!
People from all over the world will come and stay together at a Pension (Japanese guest house) with a group of 25 other participants. Each group will act as a “family” during the program.
Our focus is “A Multilingual Adventure:” communication through fun, exciting nature activities. Come and enjoy Nagano’s beautiful nature surrounded by the warmth of friends!

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